The truth about attracting / manifesting money: You need access to brilliant ideas, lucky coincidences, valuable contacts, awesome business opportunities and spectacular clients. If your lifestyle-mindset is rather scarce, though, all of this is not going to happen, because your subconscious will be protecting you by applying limitation. With an activated magnetism for wealth, everything opens up. 


GATE TO PROSPERITY© is an online course consisting of 8 modules, which include:


millionaire mindset prompts to write down and read aloud (listen to yourself)

channelled affirmations for every-day-practice (increase your vibration)

playful wealth-techniques, which are proven to work (embodiment actions)

meditation to feed the subconscious with wealth information (deep knowledge)

a private community group on FacebookTM for the execution of the tasks (do it) 


GATE TO PROSPERITY© provides easy and fun to follow tasks to level up your lifestyle.

Your mind stops playing small and you step out of your subconscious survival mode. 

GATE TO PROSPERITY© makes you expand from within so you become the embodiment of the Wealthy Woman


Experience an energetic ‘shift’ immediately, preparing you for a life of material wealth


Dare to demand more because you know that you deserve it


Automatically enter into a new level of wealth with powerful manifestation tools that are proven to work


Align your body, soul, and mind to resonate with the opportunities available to uplift you to the next level

Meet Katja


Now an independent high ticket business mentor, renowned book author and successful entrepreneur running two companies, Katja Niedermeier started her career as a PR executive working for megastars including Rihanna, Rammstein, Lukas Graham, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and a host of other high profile clients and A-list celebrities.

As CEO of the UPPER ROOM GmbH and owner of THE KARMA BUSINESS®  (a top notch luxury brand in the international coaching industry), Katja shows female CEOs how to joyfully have it all - a thriving business and a stress-free life. Her business philosophy stems from karmic principles and the channelled doctrine of ‘WORD’ (by US-medium Paul Selig). Her innovative approach to business has helped her clients consistently surpass their goals. She is well-known for her blind-spot-spotting skills and her ability to position her clients in the high end of their market. 

Since 2014 THE KARMA BUSINESS® offers powerful pathways for anyone who’s ready to unblock their access to joyful prosperity. With GATE TO PROSPERITY©,  Katja Niedermeier, the founder of THE KARMA BUSINESS® shows you how to express your true self in outward material prosperity. 

Customers’ feedback:

I'm just doing Gate to Prosperity. This morning I asked my higher self how much I should give someone in need while I was blindly reaching into my wallet - just like suggested. hen I meditated and visualized how I give the money to a homeless person on the way to tattooing and get a discount when getting a tattoo. Long story short… on the way to my appointment, a homeless person opened the door for me. I gave him the 20 €. And 1.5 hours later, my tattoo artist gave me a discount of € 50 (of his own accord !!). INSANITY! It really works and comes back multiplied. Wow! Oh... btw. I also got a free upgrade at the hotel into a suite!!! GTP is THE BEST!!!
Katja, I entered the "room" and it seems as if magic happened. I cannot describe it any differently. My course got sold out that very day. For the first time ever!!! I had to rent a car and got a free upgrade. And I finally dared to publish my program, which costs 120K... and I sold it!!!! Right away!!! I feel like I am in heaven! THANK YOU!!!!
Hello, dear Katja. GTP is a bomb. Never experienced anything like this before. The power, the energy, the vibe, the love, the fun you are transporting in this course. It is absolutely inspiring and transformative. I have no clue how a 1:1 with you could be better (although I am convinced it is LOL...). GTP is simply love. That's what it is.
Katja is WOW in capital letters. She accompanied me as her VIP GALACTIC client for almost a year. The year was transformation, healing, growth, security and love. She thinks big instead of sweet, steps forward boldly, walks her talk, practices what she preaches and opens up not only new paths, but new galaxies for her clients. I'll be back for more.
Katja, I entered the "room" and it seems as if magic happened. I cannot describe it any differently. My course got sold out that very day. For the first time ever!!! I had to rent a car and got a free upgrade. And I finally dared to publish my program, which costs 120K... and I sold it!!!! Right away!!! I feel like I am in heaven! THANK YOU!!!!
Katja dearest - et voila: my feedback on ALL of your courses. I am thrilled and overwhelmed with joy. It all seems so logical yet you carry it across with such gentleness. I love your accent btw... There's something very magical about the "rooms" / courses. All rooms are worth every cent.

Included in



Become the earthly embodiment of the Wealthy Woman.

Decide like her, act like her, be her.

Enough already with being fine with less.


It is not just about opening doors, but about practical life beyond the threshold


As you progress through each of the modules and work your way through each of the modules and practice the meditations, you will notice a gradual transformation. Once you complete the course, you will have immediate clarity and a clear action-plan to drive your business goals. 

Some level of success is guaranteed for every person who completes this course. Success is based on each of our perceptions. For some, applying the tools in the course will be straight forward, and they will attract the success they dream of. For others, it can take more time. DISCLAIMER: I will not guarantee results or increased income. Any testimonials on this page are authentic even though anonymous and they might not be typical for all students. My attorney recommended I’d mention that.

Absolutely not. This course will address entrepreneurship here and there, but the content provided in this course, is beneficial for people of all professions – no matter if employed or self employed. The practice room on Facebook is absolutely inspiring. 

Yes. You will start off with your business beyond the “normal” thinking patterns. 

Expect a mind shift, a vibe shift and a shift in results as you go and as you keep coming back. You can also expect a new way of thinking “business” and a new and fun way of manifesting what you truly want. You will also encounter some triggering ideas, which will allow you to grow smoothly out of your comfort zone without frightening you. 


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