Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I bet you have. And I bet you liked it. Now… how about your body? Do you embrace it the way it is? Do you feel peace regarding your body? And what about your finances? Are you filled with love and joy when thinking about your income and the figures your bank account?

I know. I know. There is always room for improvement, right?

We all have the desire to live a prosperous life without being stressed, annoyed or worried. Especially when you are an entrepreneur you will always want your business to flourish.

When you somehow landed on this page, please be assured that you were guided in a way. This is by no means a coincidence. Your whole system is now ready for this, and I am happy for you. This is a good thing.

I grew up with restriction. „Katja, you cannot have everything you see.“ That was one sentence I heard many times. A restrictive seed was planted in my system. I actually had to overcome my 40th birthday to decide that this was not the reality I wanted to experience. My desire to be the first wealthy, abundant, prosperous woman in my ancestry increased and rose. I only had to believe in it, right? Isn’t that what they say? And so my journey began.

What I know now is, that there are certain elements that create manifestations: intention, decision, commitment and energy. The tools I teach in order to keep these elements high vibe are: soul alignment, spoken word, dynamic visualization and energized intention.

This is my international training course for money attraction. I will be teaching you 3 powerful ways to rapidly manifest what you truly desire. You will experience yourself in an entirely new energy as your vibrational frequency aligns more and more with prosperity, ease and receiving.

All of this you will find in this course in the form of videos, texts and audio files. This is what you get:

  • Profound spiritual karmic success teaching (I published a bestselling book on this topic with a renowned editing house in Germany)
  • My most magic energetic vibe-increasing exercise
  • A beautiful guided manifestation meditation
  • Teaching about WORD consciousness (channelled by US-medium Paul Selig) including a daily training for higher vibes and new experiences
  • One alignment text opening your mind and senses to what your higher self truly wants and what your inner voice asks you to do

Take 30 – 45 min in the morning and in the evening the this inner work and watch how the outside world around you changes correspondingly. You will experience yourself in a new state of consciousness and find yourself enabled to manifest clearly and rapidly what you truly desire and what you came for.


530 €


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I knew Katja through her wonderful books and the helpful videos on Youtube. But her course topped the whole thing off and is worth every cent!