Let’s be expAnsive!

Money is the hardcore trigger for female healing. A pain point for us women. Gaping wound. Guilt simmering here. Shame. Anxiety. Addiction. Self-suppression. Mother should love me. Father should be proud. All of the abilities that we women have within us are enhanced by the energy of money. EXPANSION from within. It is yours. How big is your fear of adding a zero to your prices? How big are your fear of ridicule, rejection and harsh criticism?



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Brilliant mind. So much wit. And so hard and strict with you Always en garde. Mask and weapon always at hand. „Be sensible, child.“ Grande Dame of female courtesy. The inner stop sign. Driving with the handbrake on. And the soul screeches in your ears. Some experience this cry in the field of health or in relationships. The entrepreneur, however, notices the pain in the account balance and in her cage that has become gold.




I’m Katja Niedermeier, founder of KARMA BUSINESS®, author and entrepreneur. My specialty is the positioning of my clients in the high-end segment from their deepest core as well as the back-to-power support of my clientele with 7- or 8-figure annual income. My work as a mentor is characterized by spirituality, cheerfulness, a revolutionary female money mindset, with a splash of glamor, a pinch of rock’n’roll and the great easy. HOLY SHI (f) T .

Your deepest dream. So artistic. So free. The most beautiful words. One stroke of the brush. And see: you have sold. You’re fully booked. This is how you heal. Again and again. You are a model. We paint over the edge. Start scribbling. True sense of size. You write the hit, the bestseller. You make your dream come true Everything is in flow. So fascinating and alluring. They are looking for you. You shine so warm. Galactic expansion. The big stage. Front pages. Standing ovations. Tears of touch. Dedication. Ecstasy.Like Olympic gold. After all these years. Finally. So precious. Successful and loved. Galactic you. We laugh so much. Is that what you want?

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