Energize every area of your life with a unique, premium mentoring experience. When you’re ready to think, feel and BE larger and bolder beyond the known, this is your place.


A peaceful, non competitive place for female CEOs. This is a place where sensitive high achieving business women create a yearly income of multiple 6- and 7-figures and above. When an idea, a vision, a desire has become tangible and real, a manifestation has occurred. Magic appears fast when setting intentions in an unmasked way, as they create and form karma. Welcome to THE KARMA BUSINESS® – We speed up your success and make you really expAnsive.

What clients achieved: from musician to popstar, from club gigs to sold out arenas, courses and masterminds fully booked, quantum leap from a steady annual 80K to 6-figures and from 7 figures to 8 figures of revenue, ranking #1 on the German "SPIEGEL" bestsellers' list with the very first book release, magazine cover stories, main role in Disney musical, VIP invitations as speakers and other "utopian" dreams.


Your biggest context
Your unmasked intention
Your power beyond the known

I'm Katja - founder of THE KARMA BUSINESS®, author of 3 bestselling books, entrepreneur since 2001, mentor for personal, spiritual and financial growth, wife and mother of a daughter. People say that I am an "unbeatable force at spotting blind spots" because of my ability to read and interpret micromimics and bodyshifting. As a spiritual business mentor I have specialized in positioning female business owners (mostly coaches) in the high-end segment of their industry as money carries the sacred energy of truth. My work and my actions are based on the karmic success principles, and are characterized by the purity of manifestation mastery (examples to be found in the highlights on Instagram), a sweet spot for glam and luxury with a pinch of rock’n’roll - all tied together with effortless elegance. 


"Katja is just WOW. She lead me as her VIP client for almost a year. The year was transformation, healing, growth, security and love. She thinks big, steps forward boldly, walks her talk, practices what she preaches and opens up not only new paths, but new galaxies for her clients. I'll be back for more."
Natascha Kiessler
Yoga-Preneur & Coach
"Katja is impressive and inspiring with her presence and attention. She perceives you in a particularly intense and deep way and is your "Blind Spot Spotter". Wherever you only feel the knot, she recognizes you. Through her, I have found my inner strength back and I am infinitely grateful to her that she showed me where my potential lies and how I can find the treasure"! "
Maria Bergmann
Master of Beauty Osteopathy
"Every cent that I invested in the time with Katja and thus in myself was worth it. Not ONLY on a monetary level, but also on a personal and spiritual level. With her support I was able to turn periods of scary change into something completely new and unique. Much of their advice has become mantras for me. ICON."
Nicole Bongartz
Author & Yoga-Institution
"The ROOOM 22 mentoring wasn‘t my first time working with Katja - and it won‘t be the last. She has an incredible instinct and even the tiniest little changes in my voice or mimics were recognized. Finally I am open for client issues I suffered from myself: a narcissistic mother, emotional abuse and coping mechanisms like emotional eating. I now KNOW that I am a gift to this world - and I found structure for my offers in an overwhelming ocean of possibilities. Having a roadmap navigating me through MY landscape makes it possible for me to change track whenever I want. Katja‘s shining presence, her great sense of humor touched me deeply. She is a lighthouse in the feminine Coaching and Mentoring world.."
Isabel Lasthaus
Life Coach
"Your support should not be wrapped up in the terms “coaching/mentoring”. Your many years of experience can be felt at all times, not only when you uncover and address the blind spots with razor-sharp precision, but also when you take a look at both the outside and the inside of your customers' work. Your sense for your customers, their needs, their path, their possibilities. Your support allowed me to grow quickly and sustainably. You find the hiding places that you unconsciously look for and lead out. To where everything is really possible."
Dr. Sophie Zötler
Medical Doctor & Coach
"Working with Katja was so easy. I went into the mentoring with an ongoing business. Also knew that there are subtleties that are not yet in place. My business was reorganized in a very short time. Pieces of the puzzle have come together and the universe has given me everything step by step. Katja pointed out the gear wheel that was stalling and made me fix it. After the mentoring, I can say that she is not a "normal" mentor. She stands out. I thank Katja from the bottom of my heart."
Lisa Langeder
Positioning Expert