Your dream is manifestable

You are good enough to be liked, respected and unconditionally loved, and you know that. You are a wonderful human being who did everything possible to become a successful business owner, to revel in standing ovations, to celebrate fully booked courses and masterminds. You deserve to fly business or private and you deserve the luxury-suite with ocean view. You can make multi millions, because you are capable of it. And it is absolutely ok to want all of this. You are one of us. Welcome to our world of free choices.

Now let’s find out the TRUE reason, why you don’t have all of the above yet and transform the subconscious pattern behind it, so you start consciously sowing the right seeds for the desired fruits.  

ANY DREAM IS MANIFESTABLE. Dream up and be expAnsive. 


My clients - most of them creative minds and careful perfectionists - achieved to sell out arenas as popstars and masterminds as mentors. They quantum leaped to 6- & 7-digit annual revenues, ranked #1 on the "SPIEGEL" bestsellers' list repeatedly and decorated the front pages of magazines. They grabbed the main role in Disney musicals, landed VIP invitations as speakers and learned how to manifest their most "utopian" dreams. THE KARMA BUSINESS® MENTORING is about making your "utopian" dreams tangible & real.

Karma Coach & Prosperity Mentor

Words, kindness & manifestation techniques are my "thing"

Hi, I'm Katja, founder of THE KARMA BUSINESS®, author of 3 books, entrepreneur and mentor for personal, spiritual and financial growth. With a master degree in marketing, PR and communication, I am a bomb at helping my clients find their authentic words and vibes for their businesses and I have specialised in positioning female business owners in the high-end segment of their industry. My work as a mentor and coach is based on the karmic success principles, and is characterized by manifestation mastery (examples to be found on Instagram) an innovatively feminine success mindset, a sweet spot for glamour, my love for luxury and style and a pinch of rock’n’roll, all tied together with some effortless elegance. 



Katja is just WOW. She accompanied me as her VIP GALACTIC client for almost a year. The year was transformation, healing, growth, security and love. She thinks big instead of sweet, steps forward boldly, walks her talk, practices what she preaches and opens up not only new paths, but new galaxies for her clients. I'll be back for more.
Natascha Kiessler
Yoga-Preneur & Coach
Katja is impressive and inspiring with her presence and attention. She perceives you in a particularly intense and deep way and is your "Blind Spot Spotter". Wherever you only feel the knot, she recognizes you. Through her, I have found my inner strength back and I am infinitely grateful to her that she showed me where my potential lies and how I can find the treasure!
Maria Bergmann
Master of Beauty Osteopathy
Every cent that I invested in the time with Katja and thus in myself was worth it. Not ONLY on a monetary level, but also on a personal and spiritual level. With her support I was able to turn periods of scary change into something completely new and unique. Much of their advice has become mantras for me. ICON.
Nicole Bongartz
Author & Yoga-Institution