Those who dare to think creatively and boldly ‘outside the box’ still believe in its existence. THE KARMA BUSINESS® offers a radical approach to creating a successful life beyond the known by following the karmic principles and knowing who and what you are in TRUTH. Our focus lies on the consciousness of the innate divine power of humans as well as in crafting beautiful luxe branding for spiritual coaches and healers. Everything is interconnected, and within every individual lies divine brilliance, capable of making utopia come to life. Create like God. Infinity is the key.

CLIENT RESULTS: from musician to popstar, from club gigs to sold out arenas, courses and masterminds fully booked, quantum leap from a steady annual 80K to multiple 6-figures and from 7 figures to 8 figures of revenue, ranking #1 on the German "SPIEGEL" bestsellers' list with the very first book release, magazine cover stories, main role in Disney musical, VIP invitations as speakers and other "utopian" dreams... Turn your "UTOPIA" into a REALITY.


Author of three bestselling books, spiritual teacher, celebrity coach, founder of THE KARMA BUSINESS®, and CEO of UPPER ROOM GmbH. A skilled spotter of blind spots, adept at reading micro-mimics and body language.

My work is rooted in karmic success principles, with a sweet spot for vintage glam and luxury, sprinkled with a pinch of rock’n’roll.

My way of thinking is box-free, which enables me to see even the most hidden blind spots. They call me “blind spot spotter” for a reason. 

THE KARMA BUSINESS® mentoring unlocks uncharted territory, unleashing immense potential in a revolutionary manner.

Now, close your eyes for a moment and focus on the infinite space behind your eyes. There is a message awaiting you.


"Katja is just WOW. She lead me as her VIP client for almost a year. The year was transformation, healing, growth, security and love. She thinks big, steps forward boldly, walks her talk, practices what she preaches and opens up not only new paths, but new galaxies for her clients. I'll be back for more.."
Yoga-Preneur & Coach / Brand: "Strahlkraft"
"This mentoring wasn‘t my first time working with Katja - and it won‘t be the last. She has an incredible instinct and even the tiniest little changes in my voice or mimics were recognized. Finally I am open for client issues I suffered from myself: a narcissistic mother, emotional abuse and coping mechanisms like emotional eating. I now KNOW that I am a gift to this world - and I found structure for my offers in an overwhelming ocean of possibilities. Having a roadmap navigating me through MY landscape makes it possible for me to change track whenever I want. Katja‘s shining presence, her great sense of humor touched me deeply. She is a lighthouse in the feminine Coaching and Mentoring world.."
Life Coach & Yoga Expert / Brand: "Shantissima"
"Every cent that I invested in the time with Katja and thus in myself was worth it. Not ONLY on a monetary level, but also on a personal and spiritual level. With her support I was able to turn periods of scary change into something completely new and unique. Much of their advice has become mantras for me. ICON."
Book Author & Yoga Celebrity
"I found absolute trust in the value of my work, upleveled and repositioned the service I provide to my clients and refined my brand and communication. My new brand “pure power” expands me into infinite opportunity. Katja, I especially appreciated your proactive approach, your precision in wording and communication and your energetic support. I am grateful for our time together, and happy I invested with you. Thank you for sharing a part of this journey."
CEO of "Pure Power"
"My work with Katja was a great support for the refinement of positioning of my brand. I especially appreciated her feedback on my video presentations and her help with fine tuning my copy."
Entrepreneur, Influencer & Transformational Leader
"Working with Katja was so easy. I went into the mentoring with an ongoing business. Also knew that there are subtleties that are not yet in place. My business was reorganized in a very short time. Pieces of the puzzle have come together and the universe has given me everything step by step. Katja pointed out the gear wheel that was stalling and made me fix it. After the mentoring, I can say that she is not a "normal" mentor. She stands out. I thank Katja from the bottom of my heart."
Positioning Expert & Energy Coach
I booked a branding service and what I received wasn't just that; I also gained inspiration and inner shifts, along with a crisp communication that allowed the highest intention to unfold. One of the most wonderful individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting. She is fantastic, competent, warm, and brimming with ideas."
Spiritual Life Coach & CEO of "Paradiesbewusstsein"
"Katja is clear, aware and challenging. She sees your potential and gently guides you towards living it. The little tweaks we did in my business during our work were flourishing. Also our speed was exactly how I needed it. Due to her knowledge in my industry I moved forward extremly fast. Having her by my side was the best I could decide. Her mindset, her art, her allowingness and her accessibility are really something else. Thank you!"
Spiritual Business Coach
"Katja is impressive and inspiring with her presence and attention. She perceives you in a particularly intense and deep way and is your "Blind Spot Spotter". Wherever you only feel the knot, she recognizes you. Through her, I have found my inner strength back and I am infinitely grateful to her that she showed me where my potential lies and how I can find the treasure"!"
Master & CEO of "Beauty Osteo"
"Your support should not be wrapped up in the terms “coaching/mentoring”. Your many years of experience can be felt at all times, not only when you uncover and address the blind spots with razor-sharp precision, but also when you take a look at both the outside and the inside of your customers' work. Your sense for your customers, their needs, their path, their possibilities. Your support allowed me to grow quickly and sustainably. You find the hiding places that you unconsciously look for and lead out. To where everything is really possible."
Medical Doctor & Coach
"Katja and her work as a mentor are simply fantastic. Her refreshing and likeable nature rubs off in an extremely motivating way and provides an inexhaustible supply of PROFITable benefit."
Parenting Expert & Coach for Teenagers / Brand: "Elternity"