Be expAnsive

We at K8 firmly believe that anything is possible for anyone. We refuse to place limits on someone’s potential. We believe that a single mother and her daughter from humble backgrounds, or the woman who belongs to a marginalized group, is JUST as capable of pursuing their desires and reaching their goals. We believe in ALIGN, INVEST, CREATE, SUCCEED, REPEAT.

K8 focuses on creating a happy, prosperous life, filled with cheerful ease and the most sensual pleasure. Prosperity happens on the inside as well as the outside. We believe that every human is blessed with tremendous creativity. We always reap what we have previously sown by virtue of our intentions, decisions and thought patterns. It is never about putting the blame on someone, but always about creating freely in the NOW and beyond the known. Behold we make all things new.

Our mentoring programs are always 1 : 1 and closely monitored. New paradigms are created through practical action. We always go beyond the mere understanding and create new paradigms and new knowledge through the immediate implementation of impulses. These adventurous actions are always accompanied and supported. You are safe. 

Welcome to high-end positioning

If you’re a woman who reacts sensitively to energies – basically to everything – you belong in the high end of the price scale. Leading women there is our specialty and Katja Niedermeier is the master of high-end price positioning.

Annual sales in the millions, appearances in arenas and stadiums, front pages and portraits in the press, Spiegel bestsellers, your own island as a place of retreat and refuge, and the female lead in the next “Bond”? This explosive, ecstatic, apparently “utopian” energy – this is what it is all about here. It’s about your deepest “forbidden” desire that everyone tries to talk you out of… especially you!

What our clients have in common is an irrepressible, genuine desire for more. Not because they need more, but because they no longer want to tolerate anything less than their true potential. Our high energy mentorings serve to guide you in striving for more and getting there.

Entrepreneurs from the coaching and advisory niche as well as pop stars and influencers are the clientele of the KARMA BUSINESS® MENTORING. You find yourself in awesome company! You have already successfully created an extraordinary professional career. But, you may be struggling to go beyond your latest success. You seem to have maximized your potential. There’s something within you stopping you from materializing the destiny of your infinite soul which chose to incorporate your earthly body. Together, we will break those barriers to create your personal utopia.   

KARMA BUSINESS® guides you into exactly the inner attitude you need to achieve results of the above-mentioned level.

That means: Adiós, old you. Hello, lively entrepreneurship, courageous choices, adventure, wild determination. Seems like “overnight millionaire”, but … NOPE! You’ve come a long way.

Be iconic, darling.

Be galactic.

Be expAnsive. 

Behold YOU make all things new.

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1 Month 1:1


Private Business Luxury Day


Galactic Millionaires 

12 Months 1:1 



Katja is one of the greatest people I have ever met. As a coach and mentor, she sees and feels you in every moment and finds your "blind spot" with a lot of mindfulness and appreciation. I am infinitely grateful that I knew her by my side during a very challenging time as an entrepreneur and as a woman. With her humor, her crystal clear presence and her strong connection, she makes a big difference in the coaching and mentoring world.
Angela M.
Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Katja is impressive and inspiring with her presence and attention. She perceives you in a particularly intense and deep way and is your "BlindSpotSpotter". Wherever you only feel the knot, she recognizes you. Through her, I have found my inner strength back and I am infinitely grateful to her that she showed me where my potential lies and how I can find the treasure!
Maria B.
Master of Beauty Osteopathy
Working with Katja was so easy. I went into the mentoring with an ongoing business. Also knew that there are subtleties that are not yet in place. My business was reorganized in a very short time. Pieces of the puzzle have come together and the universe has given me everything step by step. Katja pointed out the gear wheel that was stalling and made me fix it. After the mentoring, I can say that she is not a "normal" mentor. She stands out. I thank Katja from the bottom of my heart.
Lisa L.
Positioning Expert