We both know that you are qualified, intelligent, talented and quite successful. And yet there is this voice in your head that makes you scroll, copy, compare, brood. You feel pressure, when thinking… 

“What if my greatest success is already behind me?” 

“Is anybody going to be interested in my new album at all?”

“What if I am really not that good actually?”

“What if all the cool stuff only comes at a horribly high price?”

The struggle of being stuck in subconscious patterns of self sabotage is real, and we get that. 

The good news is that we at K8 have the knowledge, the tools, the methods, the experience and the results to prove that ANY DREAM IS MANIFESTABLE. 

We trust in the process of ALIGN, INVEST, CREATE, SUCCEED, REPEAT, so you get to create your success authentically YOUR way so you can finally stop copying, comparing and competing. Freedom and leadership from your deepest core is what you get as a result. This can express itself in sold out stadiums, fully booked masterminds, massive annual sales, a grammy, a leading role in a movie, a hit single… whatever. 

In THE KARMA BUSINESS® MENTORING, we aim at creating and fulfilling unconventional, authentic lives in prosperity, with cheerful lightness and the most sensual enjoyment, supported by deeply rooted spirituality and very individual strategic steps. 

Let’s make you super expAnsive!

 Love, Kx  


€ 10,000


€ 20,000 


€ 150,000 

THE KARMA BUSINESS® MENTORING guides you into the experiences and the attitude needed to achieve results of a seemingly utopian level and to manifest magic as you go.

HOLY SHI(f)T. Be expAnsive. Behold YOU make all things new. Beyond the known.


Katja is one of the greatest people I have ever met. As a coach and mentor, she sees and feels you in every moment and finds your "blind spot" with a lot of mindfulness and appreciation. I am infinitely grateful that I knew her by my side during a very challenging time as an entrepreneur and as a woman. With her humor, her crystal clear presence and her strong connection, she makes a big difference in the coaching and mentoring world.
Angela Metzlaff
Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Your support should not be wrapped up in the terms “coaching/mentoring”. Your many years of experience can be felt at all times, not only when you uncover and address the blind spots with razor-sharp precision, but also when you take a look at both the outside and the inside of your customers' work. Your sense for your customers, their needs, their path, their possibilities. Your support allowed me to grow quickly and sustainably. You find the hiding places that you unconsciously look for and lead out. To where everything is really possible.
Dr. Sophie Zötler
Medical Doctor & Coach
Working with Katja was so easy. I went into the mentoring with an ongoing business. Also knew that there are subtleties that are not yet in place. My business was reorganized in a very short time. Pieces of the puzzle have come together and the universe has given me everything step by step. Katja pointed out the gear wheel that was stalling and made me fix it. After the mentoring, I can say that she is not a "normal" mentor. She stands out. I thank Katja from the bottom of my heart.
Lisa Langeder
Positioning Expert