Katja is the CEO of the UPPER ROOM GmbH and the visionary founder of THE KARMA BUSINESS®. With a blend of skills, expertise and a very specific set of superpowers, Katja has an uncanny ability to spot “blind spots” and an exceptional knack for “reading” people.

Trivia about Katja:

  • lives in Berlin, speaks German, English, French & Spanish 
  • born aries on easter sunday 1969 
  • after the doctrine of human design she is a projector 
  • holds master degree in communication, marketing & pr
  • spent 2 years in Toronto working for the tv channel CityTV/MuchMusic
  • entrepreneur since 2001
  • PR for RIHANNA, SIMPLY RED, SCORPIONS, t.A.T.u. and many more & interview coaching for national artists, actors & celebrities
  • author of 3 bestselling books 
  • 2003 birth of daughter Betty as an extremely premature baby
  • overcoming impending bankruptcy
  • happily married since 2015 and in love since 1996
  • outlived dysfunctional family patterns and various traumas
  • epée fencer competing in championships
  • fell off a galopping horse several times
  • loves Depeche Mode, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Surf and Psychobilly as well as Billy Eilish, Adele and Rihanna.
  • will attend music festivals with VIP laminate only due to crowd anxiety.
  • obsessed with sharks (esp. Great Whites & Tiger) and will therefore go in the ocean up to her hips only.

Katja Niedermeier stands as a pioneering figure in the German-speaking world, masterfully intertwining spirituality, luxury, money, and business. With her unique approach, she brings an abundance of glamour vibes, a pinch of rock ‘n’ roll.

I connect with my clients on a deep level without making them stuck with me or depend on me.

The transformation they undergo while being with THE KARMA BUSINESS® enables them to walk on their own unique business path liberated from the shackles of comparison.

They witness perfection in everything.


The best part are the



When I was doing PR for Rihanna at the time, she had a hit: “Pon den Replay”. Some confused her with Christina Milian, who is so unknown herself that the confusion was completely absurd. That’s how little Rihanna was known. My task from the record company was clear: Make Rihanna a star. Not just with a hit on the radio – no – she should be visually recognizable. Hardly anyone wanted to write about her or her song. She was thought of as a one hit wonder. “Guys, I need pictures,” I said. “Pictures that no media representative will look at with boredom.” I got them. “Rihanna” – that tells you something, right?

The song “7 years” by Lukas Graham has a special place in my heart. When I was working with front man Lukas in 2012, his father had just died at the age of 61. It was a difficult day. I had flown to meet the band in Copenhagen. Lukas and I talked again about his father. I told him that a song about his father and getting older could be helpful for him. I could feel the presence of the Father-Soul in the room and so I spoke out. Our work went deep. Among other things, we looked at blind spots that he would have liked to ignore. Working together wasn’t easy. In 2015 “7 years” came out. A song for his father. Nominated for 3 Grammy Awards.

One of my VIP clients invested a high five-figure sum in our year together in 2018. Not really in us, but in their relaxation. She wanted to focus on energy work and coaching. She had already made millions in sales a year. But, thanks to our collaboration, instead of making her millions with stress, she was making it with ease. Casual and in flow. She now knows how to have it all.