PR & Press Bio

Katja Niedermeier is a renowned Wealth transformation Coach and founder of KARMA BUSINESS®. Her coaching philosophy and advice to clients is grounded in her own experience of going from a stressed out PR manager with debts to a prosperous Wealth Transformation coach earning five and six figures a month. 

She realised her aptitude for business during her days working in the music industry as a PR Manager in Toronto for City TV and Much Music. Yet, dissatisfied with the long work days and an inadequate salary which took time away from her family life, she left her corporate career in the music industry shortly after the birth of her daughter. 

Instead, she forged her own path that aligned with her vision of a feminine goddess who had it all – a lavish lifestyle, financial security, and a harmonious family life. After investing in intensive educational courses, coaching sessions, and energy work she found her true calling to be a Wealth Transformation Coach. She went on to publish three books with C.H. BECK, a renowned publishing house, imparting the wisdom she gathered on her journey of self-discovery. 

Currently, KARMA BUSINESS® is on track to earn their first million in just a few months. What started off as a few workshops Katja conducted over Skype for a handful of clients has grown into a high-end business dedicated to inspiring women to become financially confident and independent. Katja continues to use her unique coaching talents to help other women who are drawn to success turn their dream utopia into a reality. 

Katja currently offers 1:1 mentoring and online learning and is available for public speaking opportunities to enquire about this please contact us.