Like a scandalous thunderclap, my message “Add that zero to your prices.” inspired thousands of female coaches, yoga instructors, and solopreneurs to take a closer look at their prices and, consequently, to examine any inner prohibitions, unconscious fears, and secret desires.

I knew what could go on in a woman’s mind and what could be triggered when the topic of money is broached, especially when her mind is more inclined towards spiritual concepts, content, and revelations, and when karmic or divine “punishment” seems to loom due to perceived greed.

In pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, I immersed myself in the world of Buddhism and the karmic principles of success: joy, clarity, compassion, generosity, and emptiness. Through experimentation and understanding, I developed deep knowledge and a unique interpretation of karmic business rules – far removed from commercial virtues and the usual mental training and success/business coaching.

I began conducting seminars, initially with just two or three participants, but the unorthodox blend of Buddhism in business coupled with the above message spread like wildfire. Fully booked in no time.

My third book, titled “Karma Business,” was published in the BECK Compact series by C. H. BECK Verlag. Lectures at corporations and public speaking engagements as a speaker followed. THE KARMA BUSINESS® became synonymous with transformation and metamorphosis for sensitive businesswomen and female entrepreneurs across Europe.

The topics of manifestation, higher self, and Christ consciousness found their way to me. The experience that manifestations occur as soon as the ego is switched off and are always created in the same way – whether it be drama or bliss – supplemented my mentoring repertoire in 2020.

Since then, my clients have experienced significant success in a very short time.

The era of miracles has begun. Must be karma…